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BRC Bildmarke

Blockchain Research Center

The Blockchain Research Center (BRC) is a think-tank and research community established by the Universität Zürich (UZH), Switzerland and the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (HUB), Germany. We aim to study crypto-assets and investigate implications of blockchain technology, to facilitate a better understanding and development of digital economy. The BRC serves as a platform for academia and industry practitioners for scientific discussions and collaborations.

Blockchain Research Center with a international network
BRC Bildmarke

The future is here

The BRC is a visionary academic R&D group that has been recently incubated at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and wishes to institutionally cooperate with entities in Asia.

BRC Bildmarke

Our history

Since early 2015, we invest our capabilities in the most promising Blockchain & FinTech research ideas and cooperations in academics and industry. The BRC was founded by top academic experts around the world, including Universität Zürich, University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland, Charles University Prague, IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca, and many more affiliated academic institutions, besides already established industrial partners, such as Nuri GmbH, Royalton Partners S.A., YUKKA Lab AG, Advanced Blockchain AG, Peaq Technology GmbH, Artnet AG, Postera Capital GmbH, Augmento AI GmbH, Eco Energy Blockchain Solutions SA, Hyperion Decentralized Infrastructures SA, to name a few.

We advise and work with our partners on scientific and technical iteration in a pathfinding fashion on not yet researched fields (especially on financial and risk-related questions), in particular, between Asia and Europe. For that purpose, we work with an extensive international network of Blockchain experts for econometric, technical, and regulatory questions.

BRC Bildmarke

We drive to improve the future

Our mission - Light bulb

[Our mission]

The BRC aims to promote the theory and practical applications of blockchains in Asia and provides customised independent solutions for blockchain researchers, companies, and financial institutions. Relying on the team's comprehensive expertise in

- academia
- finance
- law
- investment
- blockchain

we provide scientific support, high-level academic lectures, and globally intertwined blockchain forums to enhance academic exchange and commercial cooperations, and promote academic and industrial development in this emerging field full of conundrums.

Our benefit - face of researcher

[Our benefit]

We create chances and opportunities to deliver core values, always adhering to the philosophy of mutual benefit and bringing together a group of highly qualified academic experts to contribute to the development of blockchain research and industries.

Your chance - Key

[Your chance]

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BRC Bildmarke

Meet our specialists and get in contact

For our continued and successful research, we employ a dedicated team of researchers and grant scholarships to high-performance, dedicated and motivated scientists. Our key strength is the diversity of our research staff in terms of their education and skills. The BRC incorporates economists, management scholars, computer scientists, legal scholars, and risk-taking economy experts.

Wolfgang Karl Härdle

Research focus:
– Applied Statistics
– Econometrics
– Quantitative finance

Excellence Record

We would like to express our wholeheartedly wish to be able to continue our long standing cooperations regarding our research on the Blockchain.

Professional knowledge

Dedicated team of economists, management scholars, legals scholars, computer scientists and risk-taking economy experts.

Contact us

Feel free to contact us for cooperation opportunities, if you embrace a link to the future infinity.